Book Info : Investigation of Milling process parameters under optimum lubricant use by Taguchi approach

Investigation of Milling process parameters under optimum lubricant use by Taguchi approach


Dr. Shilpa Sahare, Dr. Sachin Untawale, Dr. Prashant Kamble




Engineering & Technology, Mechanical Engineering

This book is about the research work carried out in the field of CNC machining process under Mechanical Engineering domain. There are many machining processes carried out in industries based on the shape of product , size and material the various operations can be selected. The main machining processes are turning, milling and drilling. Milling is the second largest material cutting operation. The objective of milling process is to produce products with precise dimensions, complicated geometries and smooth finish..In metal industries, the use of cutting fluid has become more problematic in terms of both employee health and environmental pollution. But the use of cutting fluid generally causes economy of tools and it becomes easier to keep tight tolerances and to maintain workpiece surface properties without damages Because of them some alternatives has been sought to minimize As observed in industry, the setting of milling process parameters appears to be a problem area.Hence, company requires the optimized milling process parameters so that both quality and productivity can be achieved at different material hardness. Hence in this book the complete analysis is done with multi objective optimization technique .The experiments performed under wet and minimum quantity lubrication condition and results compared. Further For optimal lubricant condition the experiments performed at various flow rate of Minimum Quantity Lubrication and “best” optimal setting is identified.

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