Book Info : Smart Logistic Management System for Agricultural Sector

Smart Logistic Management System for Agricultural Sector


Amruta Surana,Pooja Sharma , Dhiraj Fegade, Niranjan Bhosale, Mayur Satir, Rushikesh More




Engineering & Technology, Computer Science & Engineering

India is one of the world's top producers of agricultural products. Farmers' agricultural products are not sold directly to end customers every year.Instead, farmers need their agricultural products transported to a local market, where brokers buy them and then sell them to the market. Farmers must reserve transportation vehicles in order to deliver their agricultural products. The agricultural production might fluctuate from year to year. Farmers must reserve a transportation vehicle regardless of the problem they are facing, even if the vehicle will not be filled to its maximum load carrying capability. This results in a waste of resources and money for farmers. The suggested method plays an essential role in addressing the following problem encountered by farmers. The suggested system is an android application that use a machine learningbased technique to efficiently distribute vehicles to a farmer or group of farmers that have a common destination, therefore lowering transportation costs.

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