Book Info : Gear Deburring Machine Redesign

Gear Deburring Machine Redesign


Vaibhav K. Mahule,Mayur S. Mahajan,Suyog L. Jadhav,Abhishiekh Atul Gawade,Rohit Jadhao

Burr is the slag left over from the welding process after the flux has done its work. Burr is created when flux decomposes into a shielding gas or deoxidizers, which form molten chemicals that cover the weld as it cools, preventing oxidation of the newly formed weld. (Welding or cutting flux is a mixture of carbonate and silicate minerals used to protect welds from ambient gases during welding or cutting procedures.) The flux melts and releases fumes when the heat from the weld zone reaches it.In this Book , we explains the process .

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