Book Info : Bearing Failure Analysis Using Experimental & Analytical Methods

Bearing Failure Analysis Using Experimental & Analytical Methods


Mr. Sachin N Shelke




Engineering & Technology, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Power transmission system has different constructive features according to the vehicle‘s driving type which can be front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or four wheel drive. In rear wheel drive system, elements of the system include clutch, transmission system, propeller shaft, joints, differential, drive shafts and wheels. Each element has many different designs and construction properties depending on the brands of vehicles. The carden shaft also called drive shaft is used to transmit motion from gear box to differential. The problem identified after critical analysis of the drive shaft assembly. In that bearing cup assembly was getting cracked during assembly operation in universal joint assembly. This was highest rejection, hence it was decided to eliminate bearing cup failure in drive shaft assembly with cost effective solution.

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